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Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Dear Dewi,

Chris and I would like to thank you for the complete experience we enjoyed with From the first correspomdence we shared whilst still in Australia to the first time we met in Bali, we had complete confidence that our special day would be perfect yet somehow you managed to exceed all expectations.

This was the second wedding for both Chris and I, and I can ensure anyone who chooses to use that they will have an experience not easily forgotten. As it should have been it was one of the greatest day of my life.

Thank you so much,

Christine & Rob Rossit
November 30th,2013

Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Dear Dewi and Alice,

A big thank you from Michael and I for arranging our wedding
on 18th November 2013 at such short notice (10 days).
We are both very happy with how it all turned out...
even though it was raining it was a very special time for us both.

The villa was lovely and intimate, the flower petals on the floor as well as the flower shower was a lovely touch. The cake was delicious, the minister was very sweet and the photographer took some amazing photos. Dewi, You were professional from start to finish and were a pleasure to liaise with. I would recommend Bali Weddings to anyone who is planning a wedding in Bali.

Lee - Perth, Australia

Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Hi Alice and Dewi

First of all Michael and I want to say a big thank you for all your professional help before, during and after our wedding. We wouldn't have made it without your assistance. We both had a wonderfull day and evening and this fantastic day will never be forgotten.

Best regarde
Jeanette and Michael

Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Hi Alice

Thank you for making our day so special on Friday. It was wonderful.

Our photos arrived last night, they are lovely, we are really pleased with them!

It occurred to me that we did not ask to keep the cards with our wedding vows on them. Is it possible to get copies or even a transcript of them as it would be nice to keep a record of what we actually said. It all passed in a bit of a blur!

Many thanks

Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Thank you for your amazing hospitality and support in the leadup to our 1st June 2012 wedding in Lombok.

You chauffeured us around Bali, educating us on local traditions and making us laugh while organising the paperwork for our legal christian wedding ceremony on the neighbouring island of Lombok. This involved numerous meetings with government officials and organising a Protestant Pastor to fly from Bali to Lombok to conduct our ceremony and deliver our marriage certificates. No small feat - and one we couldn't have done without you!

You steered us through the language barriers and complicated documentation processes with a smile, making it easy.

Your personalised and friendly service was exceptional. We highly recommend your services to anyone wishing to be married in Bali or Lombok.

Once again we thank you sincerely for all that you did and will recommend your services to all that ask.

Warmest regards,
Anton & Sonia - Brisbane, Australia

Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Leah & myself have returned to Sydney after a wonderful honeymoon time in Bali and Lombok.

We would like to thank Bali Weddings for all your wonderful help before and during our special day. Even though the weather didn’t turn out as planned you guys still made the day perfect.

The ceremony, staff, service, and food where all the guest good talk about in the days preceding the wedding. Please pass on our thanks to the guys at Bali catering.

The photos also came out pretty awesome, with the greyish colour background sky. I have attached 1 for your reference and hope you can receive it.

Once again we thank you sincerely for all that you did and will recommend your services to all that ask.


Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

We would both like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you all, for everything. You made our day so special and hassell free, we left everything in your hands and you did not disappoint, so for this we are truly grateful.

From the very first meeting that we had with you Dayu, at our apartment we knew that we had made the right decision on picking your company. Nothing was to much for you to handle, you where well organised, and very professional down to the very last little details. You where always on the end of the phone if ever we needed you, and you always got back to us promptly via our e-mails. You kept our minds at ease.

On the day of our wedding we where not panicked in any way shape or form, as we knew you all had full control of our special day. You made it magical for us both, you made our dreams come true. You gave us more than we could ever have wished for and more. So truly for this we can't thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts.

Our video and photos, well what can we say WOW! You all knew how important having this was for us, as some of our family members could not be with us on the day, and once again you came through for us, the package we received from you was AMAZING!

I could not stop crying with happiness. It was all truly magnificent. Thank you.

We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and family, we will post your information around as much as possible. Please could you add this to your testimonials on your web site with a photo of us?

Or could you give me the details on how I can go about doing this, as we want to do this for you, we want to tell everyone about you all at as we feel you are the very best.

Thank you for everything.

Much love to you all.

Kind Regards,
"the new" Mr & Mrs Jacquin! ;0) xx xx xx xx

Bali Weddings -  Bali White San Beach WeddingDear BaliWeddings,

Bali Weddings -  The Royal Pita MahaDear BaliWeddings,

On October 4th, 2011 we married in Bali, Ubud thanks to the excellent services of Bali When we arrived in Bali a week before, we did not know if the wedding was going to take place. After meeting Bali Weddings in the office we felt confident that this was the right choice.Bali Weddings supported us very kindly in our choices and felt exactly what our wishes and needs were…
Our wedding day in The Royal Pita Maha left nothing to be desired, everything was taken care of in a friendly but most of all a very Tasty way !!
We are very grateful BaliWeddings made our Wedding a day full of Love, Joy and Happiness! Their services are honest, tasteful and recommendable..

Thanks forever! Linda and Robert van Malsen from The Netherlands

Bali Weddings -  Elephant Park, TaroDear BaliWeddings,

John and I wanted to say a very very big thank you for making our wedding day a magical one that will stay in our memories forever. Getting married on the back of an elephant was the most amazing experience and of course one that has provided friends back at home with much envy, amusement and overall awe. I also wanted to say an extra big thank you for the care that you took with our little boy Max who also enjoyed the day immensely and who continues to giggle whenever he sees an elephant.
Overall you were fantastic and we would gladly recommend you to any of our friends who are contemplating getting married in Bali.

Warmest regards Mellony, John and Max

Bali Weddings -  The Royal SeminyakDear BaliWeddings,

We would just like to say a massive thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for an unbelievable day , you went above and beyond our expectations, our families and friends never stopped commenting on how beautiful the setting was and the celebration of our wedding , for that we must praise you . we will definiately recommend you for anyone wishing to get married in Bali.

Thankyou once again Monique and Jody

Bali Weddings -  Bali MandiraDear BaliWeddings,

On behalf of my wife, family and friends we would like to say thank you so much for all your hardwork and dedication to make our wedding in Bali a very memorable one. All our family and friends all flew into Bali from Australia & Singapore and they have all commented on what a wonderful ceremony and dinner. If it wasn't for you and your co-ordination I am sure the event would have failed. We were even thankful for your efforts to be able to move the clouds away right at the time the ceremony started :-) now that shows dedication. But seriously we would highly recommend you and your company to anyone that is thinking of having a wedding in Bali and the great thing is that you are also able to assist with organising some day trips for the guests during their holiday. Again thank you so much and we look forward to catching up when we return back to Bali next year for a re-union.

Lots of love Barrie & Bing

Bali Weddings -  Club Med Nusa duaDear BaliWeddings,

Bali Weddings -  Club Med Nusa duaDear BaliWeddings,

Just didn’t get enough of a chance to say Thankyou very much from Daphne and Myself. You did an amazing Job and it was just the best day any one could ask for We sincerely from the Bottom of our hearts would like to personally say you are the BEST !! I hope your Boss is aware of what a Great Asset to Bali Weddings you are We will make sure to pass on to any of our friends thinking of getting married in Bali Your details

Once again Big Hugs and Kisses from Bob and Daphne

Bali Weddings -  Club Med Nusa duaDear BaliWeddings,

We would like to thank you for all your help and organisation for our wedding at club med. The ceremony, bouquet and all the things that came along with it were absolutely amazing. Thank you also for the additional things you helped us with like paying the deposit once we arrived in Bali and the extra flowers and button hole you supplied.

With kind regards

Vince and Zelica Palamara

Bali Weddings -  Bali PadmaDear BaliWeddings,

We only just arrived home late today and have been without mobile phone use whilst having our last few days holiday in Darwin . Thank you for creating such a wonderful wedding for us. The photo’s are lovely and we can not wait to develop all of them and show them off.

Thank you also for your sweet wedding gift. We were so fortunate with the weather as the Monday did not stop raining, no pouring down, especially at the time of our wedding…phew!. We are so happy to have had our wedding day on our daughter Heidi’s birthday which makes it all the more special.

We will no doubt recommend your services to anyone thinking about an Bali wedding it was sooo beautiful J thank you

Lisa, Eugene, Jesse, Holly, Heidi and our new baby xxoo

Bali Weddings -  Villa Seminyak EstateHi BaliWeddings,

Thank you very much for all your help on our special day, it was greatly appreciated. We had a wonderful day, and it was a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you again, and we will be sure to recommend you to any of our friends that are anticipating getting married in Bali.

Jimmy and Jacqui

Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaHi BaliWeddings,

Well, where back at home, much to our disappointment.

We just wanted to thank you so very much for your help with our wedding!!

Everything went to plan and ran so smoothly because of you. We are wrapped.

You have been wonderful and we would highly recommend you.

Thank you for your gift, it was lovely, I will think of you everytime I use it.

Many thanks once again and let's stay in touch (if were not too busy with work!!!)

Take care,
Julianne and Kevin

Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaHi BaliWeddings,

Back in Sweden again. The first that strike our faces is the cold weather. under 10°C. We allready miss Bali!!! Once again me and Mona must thank you for a wonderful wedding! It was perfect. We couldn't wish anything more. Sure, many could do the same, but the engagement we felt from you was extraordinary! We both loved you as a person and wish you all the best. And if you at any time goes to Sweden, we gladly invite you for a stay!

Kind regards

Mr. and Mrs. Karlsson (Robert and Mona)

Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaHi BaliWeddings,

We are back home ( unfortunately ) and have spent the last few days looking through all our beautiful wedding photos and reminiscing . We really loved Bali and the wedding was just perfect . The setting was glorious and all our guests have talked non stop about the evening .

Thanks so much for all your arranging , and great communication leading up to us even arriving in Bali. You do your job well and it all ran so smoothly ( not to mention us being first in line at the Australian consulate that day ! )

I can't really say " hope to see you again one day " since that probably wouldn't be right considering that we don't plan to marry again ! Maybe we might renew our vows one day.

All the best to you.


Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaHi BaliWeddings,

So sorry for the delay in sending you this email, we were trying to stay away from the computer until we returned from our holiday.

We just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in organising everything for our wedding, you made everything so simple!!!

You were fantastic not only leading up to our wedding but the day we met with you and on our wedding day. It was so lovely to see your smiley face on our wedding day, so sorry I did not have a chance to talk to you.

I will try and get some photos to you as soon as we are a little more settled.

All the best.

Best wishes. Alicia & Chris xx

Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaHai,

I just wanted to say a very special thank you for all you did....our wedding was AMAZING!!!! not only were our guests very impressed but Glen and I ....especially me and i am very very fussy!! we though everything was perfect and were so grateful for all the effort you put into the detail.

The boat looked phenomonal the food was divine and we didn't have to worry about a thing.

You were so lovely and took care of us so so well!! We had the most special wedding day to remember and thought that you did such a beautiful job. We will certainly be recommending you to EVERYONE!!

We love your country and thank you so much again. And thank you for dropping our certificates and photos off to reception that was very kind of you.

Thanks again and it was lovely to meet you!!

Nyssa & Glen Giddings

Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaTo Dear (,

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!! We could never say it enough!!

We can not believe that it has been 1 month already…it feels like yesterday!!

Our wedding was magical and we owe it all to you. When planning our wedding I would never have thought that the whole experience would be so enjoyable and painless. Without you and your wedding planning expertise I am sure it would have turned out very differently.

Apart from being the hottest day we had there, everything about the day was perfect!! From completing the legal paperwork at the consulate to choosing flowers and cake, you made the whole process simple. The hand made decorations for the ceremony were beautiful all the rose petals etc just added that bit extra. We are so happy with our photos as well. They really captured the emotions and atmosphere of the day and when we look at them we are taken right back to the moment which is truly special.

The only thing that we are sad about is that we didn’t get a piece of our wedding cake, apart from the piece we ate in the photo. But we were told it was delicious and it looked beautiful as well.

Oh and I don’t know whether it was you or the hotel but we had such beautiful flowers and rose petals through out the room when we returned after the reception and it just topped the day off. So thank you!

We would also like to thank you for the gift you gave us and for taking us to the markets in Denpasar. You didn’t have to and that really showed us how much you enjoy what you do and how well you do what you do. The gifts turned out great and we have the left overs displayed at home.

Lee and I will be returning to Bali for our 1 year Anniversary and would love to catch up with you. I still have your mobile number and will contact you when we are there.

To let you know also, I am referring you and to everyone I know that is getting married.

Thanks again, you truly are a STAR!!

Kind regards,
Kylie & Lee Mansfield

Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaDear (,

We could not let the occasion pass without sending you a heartfelt Thank You for the magnificent job you did in organizing Tracey and Bob's wedding. In every way, you seemed to us to go the extra mile to make the day special and the whole occasion memorable.

Please pass on our thanks to all involved, particularly the band and the flower girls, all of whom were superb.

Several of our guests have commented that it was the best wedding they had ever attended, and much of that praise is due to you.

We would be very happy for you to use our comments on your website, and would unhesitatingly recommend your services to any other contemplating a wedding in Bali.

It was a very enjoyable experience working with you. Your promptness in replying to my many queries was eveidence of your professionalism and expertise.

Many thanks once again,
Bill and Cheryl Haughie

Bali Weddings - Bali Mandira Resort and SpaHello (,

Just a note to thank you for your effort's regarding our wedding. It was absolutely brilliant and please accept our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful day. I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your organization should any person's enquire about getting married in Bali. Please pass on my thanks to the Bali Mandira Resort and Spa from all of our family and friend's, a wonderful time was had by all. We will be back.

Best wishes,
Wayne and Dee Smith

Bali Weddings - The OasisDear (,

We just want to thank you so much for organising our prefect wedding day! We couldn't have asked for anything better. I would definitely recommend the Oasis as a venue and am glad we changed it from the Melia as it was more intimate and special. Thank you also for looking after Grace on the day too! We are in Australia now and can't stop looking at the photos!

Take care,
Chrissie, Darren and Grace x

Bali Weddings - Fortuin Cafe Thank you once again for making our weddingday so wonderful, we had the best time ever and everything was so well organized. You have really done a great, great job! Tell me when and where to pick up the photos. Do we get all the pictures that the photographer took? Take care and speak to you soon,

Best regards Mr and Ms Pedersen,
Frida Johansson

Hi (,

Greetings from Western Australia.
My husband and I Shane got married at the Melasti Resort in Legian this year on January 26 (Australia Day) and you were our wedding planner. Firstly, I just want to thank you for the amazing job you and your team did, we had a fanatastic time and the decorations, food and service were of the highest standard. You made our very special day even better. Shane and I are returning to Bali this week and we are staying at Champlung Mas in Kuta. We would like to know if there is anyway of getting in contact with the photographer who took the photos of our wedding at the Melasti and getting some copies of the photos as unfortunately we run out of time on our last visit and did not get any. We would be most appreciative if you are able to assist us in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
Kristy Fehlauer-Steward

Bali Weddings - Disini Luxury Spa Villas SeminyakDear (,

Thank you so much for making our wedding so completely perfect. The decorations were beautiful, the cake delicious and the photos were far beyond what we expected. Dave and I feel very blessed that we chose Bali Weddings, and that you co-ordinated it all so beautifully. The wedding service was lovely, and everything was exactly as we hoped. Please forward this email to your employer so they know what an excellent job you did.

We would recommend your service to anyone.

Thanks again and I hope 2009 is a prosperous year for you,

Louise and Dave

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Bali Mandira LegianDear (,

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for putting together
such a wonderful wedding day! everyhting was put together perfect and looked amazing. we had the happiest day ever.
thankyou so much for everything. can you pass my thankyous onto the video man and the photographer they did a awesome job! the video is excellent!

Thanking you chelsea.

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Mercure Kuta BaliDear (,

We are finally settled back at home and work and getting to married life. We would like to thank you and your team for a job well done!! Thanks for making our wedding day a day to remember. We couldn't have done it without your help.

All our love.
Octavia, Andrew, Roberta and Isabella.

Bali Weddings - Wedding at The Pita MahaDear (,

Sorry it's taken so long to send you our thank you, hope all is well with you over there in beautiful Bali.
We've been married 28 days now, getting used to the being called Mr & Mrs Potts but loving every minute.
We would both like to say thank you so very very much for handling our wedding for us & the way in which you did it. You helped make the occasion such a relaxed, momentus one, you organised everything so efficiently, made us feel so comfortable, in fact left us with absolutely nothing to do except sit back & enjoy the champagne at the pool bar, from helping dress my beautiful wife, last minute touches to the flowers, handing her tissues during the ceremony as she wept for joy...
It was great to meet you & we were honoured to have such a lovely person be a witness at our marriage.
Thank you once again, we wish you good health & so much luck in you future,

with much gratitude,

Mr & Mrs Potts (Gary & Karan)

Bali Weddings - Wedding at The Sandi PhalaDear (Bali Weddings)

Hello from Australia. We are back home now and it is very cold.
Tim and i would just like to Thank you so very much for helping create a beautiful wedding. We had a fantastic time and so did all our guests. Thanks Eni for organising all the paper work, flowers, photos etc. The photos are absolutely fantastic and thank you for getting them to us so quickly. We had the most beautiful wedding that would not have been possible without your help.

Thanks so much. Be sure if anyone wants to get married in bali I will be reccommending you.

Keep in touch

Courtney and Tim Kelsall

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Conrad Hotel Nusa DuaDear Bali Weddings

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Sanur Beach HotelDear Bali Weddings

Sorry it's taken us so long to email but married life is hectic!!! My husband and I would like to thank you all at for the most amazing day of our lives. To be able to still sunbathe an hour or so before our big moment, knowing that everything was taken care of was absolutely amazing and we would recommend it to everyone. Our hotel, Melia Bali was everything we could have wished for in a venue, but that special touch and constant communication from you guys made all the difference. We contacted you at the beginning of November 2006 really needing your help, our holiday was already booked for December 2006 months before but we had just decided to get married while we were there. Our tour company refused in such short notice but you told us you would do your best, and your best you did. Thank you again, it couldn't have been better if we had planned it for years. Can we also say a big thank you to the Camera Man, our dvd is fantastic. The Photographer, he got some realy special moments (the disc had 80 photos in total) and The Pastor, our ceremony has made everyone cry, we have printed his poem and framed it it's that good!!

Thank you Bali Weddings!

All the Best!
Mr & Mrs Newby.

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Sanur Beach HotelDear Bali Weddings

We can't thank you enough for a wonderful job you did planning our ceremony and reception dinner. We had an amazing time at the villa you suggested and glad you recommended it. The ceremony and dinner were perfect and better than we could have imagined. Thank you also for helping with planned activities and our honeymoon package. Everything we discussed with you was as expected and you professionalism made it a pleasure to work with you. We could not have done the planning from abroad without you.

thank you again!
Jenn & Kenn.

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Sanur Beach HotelDear Bali Weddings

We would both just like to thank you for such a fantastic wedding day on the 29 December! Everyone had such a great day and everything could not have been any more perfect. We are currently in Australia (Great Barrier Reef) and enjoying every second of our honeymoon :-).

Many thanks again!
Kerry & Stu

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Mercure SanurDear Bali Weddings

We would like to thank you so much for making Richard & Paula's wedding day so special. You had put a huge amount of work into making the day go smoothly with a lot of organizing of not only the 'day' but the accommodation for a lot 'changing their mind' guests! Richard & Paula were delighted with the photo album, & on our arrival home early this morning we have all been looking at the video's that were taken so we were reliving all the events.
As a thank you to us for all the help up to & during the wedding the children booked us into the Intercontinental Hotel for a couple of nights, hence the reason we did'nt get in touch for a villa for our last couple of days.
Many thanks once again for everything you have done for us & be sure we will recommend you anytime.

Best Regards
Mollie & Robert Tomlin

Bali Weddings - Wedding at MelastiDear Bali Weddings

Thank you very much for all you did for us for Tresna and Adams wedding on the 8th june at Melasti Resort and Spa Legian Bali
The Wedding was just Perfect just as they wanted it, so Thanks very much and i will be recommending you to others.
You made it so Easy for us and as i said just perfect.

Kind Regards
Heather Shorter

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Ma JolyHello Bali Weddings

Im sorry it has taken us so long to write to you. It has been almost 4 months since we returned to Australia from our wedding in Bali, I cant believe that it has gone so quick.
We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much to Bali Weddings for all efforts in helping to make our wedding day so special and beautiful. We had a great relaxing time and our family thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The ceremony at The White Rose Hotel and the reception at Ma-Joli was the most spectacular set-up and the people there were very helpful and accomodating.
Thank you, once again for everything Bali Weddings and we will continue to recommend you to anyone we know who has recently become engaged as we have been doing so ever since we returned.
We cannot wait to come back and visit you and beautiful Bali!

Charlene & Adam Burling

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Ritz CarltonDear (BaliWeddings),

Just wanted to thank you for all your help arranging our wedding. It was the most perfect day and we could not have asked for anything better.
The Ritz Carton was completely breath-taking and the villa with all the catering was fantastic. Thank you once again for making our day so special.

Denise and Lee

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Ma JolyDear (BaliWeddings),

Thanks for your address, there will be something coming in the mail for you so you should recieve it in a couple of weeks. Yeh we put your card somewhere safe and lost it, but as you know Brett and I are always losing things. It seems like the wedding and honey moon was so long ago now, sad I miss Bali and can't wait to get back there.
We had the best time and the best wedding. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding.
Also we have had so many of our friends saying how much they loved our wedding. So thankyou for doing a fantastic job. Take care and will speak to you soon Brett says hello to you too. Say hello to Sylvia for us as well and say thank you to hear aswell from us. Thanks Eni

Renae & Brett Templeton

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Alam Puri HotelHello (BaliWeddings),

Sorry for not replying sooner, but since we have been back we have been busy going round to see friends and family and telling them the good news. Sorry for mising you when you delivered the pictures, we waited but then thought you would bring them the next day. We really enjoyed all of it and it was a great day for both of us, we cannot thank you enough for what you did, including lending the money to pay for it !!!!! We would recomend your services any time. Hope you are well and the sun is shining, we want to come back already !!!! Do you need 2 assistants ?!!!!
Once again many thanks for all you have done, everybody here who has seen the photos said it looks lovely in Bali.

Mark and Sharon

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Bali Padma HotelHi (BaliWeddings), we are back in Australia and trying to get back to normality after 3 weeks in glorious Bali.
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much, for all your help with our wedding on the day and over the last year. It was great to finally meet you and put a face to the name and emails!
We were very impressed with the organisation of our wedding, it was everything we could have hoped for. We were also very happy with the photos and and couldn't believe how quickly we received them. We would be happy to reccommend your company and services to anyone wishing to marry in Bali. Please feel free to use our photos etc.. on your website.

Once again a big thank you
Anna & Dave Brine

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Nusa Dua Beach HotelHi (BaliWeddings),

We've been back at work for 2 weeks now! and miss Bali so much! we're already planning another trip back there! It was an absolute pleasure, hopefully a little something to remember us by.
Thank you so much again for all your help, we couldn't of done it without you!
Take care always (BaliWeddings)

Kindest regards
Vic & Rod

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Pelangi BaliHi (BaliWeddings),

I would like to express both Rods and My gratitude for your support leading upto and for our recent marrage in Bali, we both loved the setting that the Pelangi went to the trouble of making very special. Especially like to thank you for your hard work in getting all together via emails.. I also want to say a big thankyou to you (BaliWeddings) for the restructure of the flowers you done an excellent job of the filming also if you supply me with you postal address I am more than happy to send you a DVD to see your great filming..
Also a big thankyou to the photographer the photo's are just magic..... we are more than happy with them..If you like to use any of our recent marriage on your website both Rod and I give our full concent... again A Big Thankyou for an excellent job well done. (BaliWeddings) three cheers hip hip horayy ........

Regards with many thanks
Rod & Sue King

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Putri BaliDear (BaliWeddings),

Thanks a lot for everything. We enjoy the wedding, on Monday we founded the photo album. Of course you may use some photos for your presentation. I hope hear soon anything of you.


Bali Weddings - Wedding at Melasti Beach ResortHi (BaliWeddings)

Would just like to say thank you so much for organising our wedding.
Everything was perfect (the flower stains came out of my dress!) and everyone had a wonderful time. I will recommend you and Bali Weddings to all of my friends!

Thank you again
Take care
Jade & Chris Clark

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Melasti Beach ResortDear (BaliWeddings)

It was so lovely to meet you finally after all of our emailing for the past 6 months. Pete and I would like to say a very big thank you for making our day so special, it was exactly what we wanted and we can not thank you enough for all of your help.
I will be recommending your service to all of my friends. Hope all is well and good luck with your future......

Nicole Noble

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Sail SensationsHi (BaliWeddings)

Hope all is well in Bali. Well its sad to be back home and working again as i was enjoying being a lady of leisure.
Just another thank you to for organising our wedding, it was absolutely beautiful, met all of our expectations and more.... Definately a evening to remember!!!
I have sent you a parcel in the mail to your office, just a large thank you gift for you and a few smaller gifts for your guests that were at the wedding and also Sail Sensations for the lovely decorations.

Jodi & David Condon

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Bali DynastyHi (BaliWeddings)

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this! Still getting use to "normal life" back in Perth and it sucks! Firstly I would like to THANKYOU personally for putting up with all of my stupid questions when we were planning our wedding.
Secondly Thankyou for organising one of THE BEST days of our lives. Every one of our guests thourouly enjoyed every minute. You knew exactly what we wanted and carried it out so professionally (even if I had one too many cocktails when you first came to organise it with us!!!). You are an asset to your employer.
I have some professional photos if you would like me to send one over to you so you can put it on your web site. If you would like for me to write a recommendation to put on your website im only to happy to do that as well.

Thankyou (BaliWeddings), You performed miracles!
Simon & Kelly Tuckey

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Hotel Santika BeachHi (BaliWeddings)

Paul and I would like to express to you our gratitude for the dream wedding that you gave us. It was absolutely beautiful. Paul and I did not have to worry about a think, you handled everything so professionally. The service, the flowers, the cake, infact everything was the best. We could not have dreamt of a more beautiful, stress free wedding. If you are ever in Perth, please take us up on our offer and stay with us. We would love to show you our appreciation. Our number ..... Could you also please pass on to the photographer that out photo are excellent, we could not be happier and Sailsensations was just the toppping of a perfect day.

Thankyou so much,
Christine and Paul

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Kumala PantaiHi (BaliWeddings)

We would like to thank you for all of your assistance throughout the planning of our wedding. Our wedding was so beautiful and couldn't have been more perfect.
Also, we didn't get a chance to call you before we left Bali to let you know that you are more than welcome to use a photo from our wedding on your website. If you would like me to email a few to you please let me know. Thanks again (BaliWeddings).

Melissa and Ben

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Waka di UmeDear (BaliWeddings)

We would like to thank you so much for the perfect wedding that you organised for us. How nice it was not to be stressed on my wedding day! We had a wonderful time in Bali and are hoping to get back very soon (maybe to renew our vows this time!)
A big thank you also to the photographer who took the beautiful photos. He really did do a wonderful job.
I would recommend a wedding at Waka di Ume to any couple getting married.

With love and kindest regards
Luke and Kristy Peters

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Bali PadmaDear BaliWeddings)

Thank you very much for attending to all the arrangements for our Wedding in Bali. So many things can go wrong arranging a wedding and cause many worries but we did not encounter a single problem thanks to your truly professional manner and excellent customer service, not to mention your effervescent personality. Your are truly an asset to Bali Weddings and we would not hesitate recommending your company to any couple looking to get married in Bali.

Warmest Regards,
Louise and Ralph Folk

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Sekar NusaDear (BaliWeddings)

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Puri BenoaDear (,

We have just realised that we have not contacted you since our wedding.
We would like to thankyou for such a wonderful day. We were made to feel very special.
If you wish to use any of our photos for your web site please feel free.

Kindest regards
Marc & Verena

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Royal SeminyakDear (,

I've been meaning to write for ages now!! And thank you for your brilliant help and professional attitude in all aspects of our weddings.
We loved every part of the wedding, it was totally beautiful, romantic and stress free - exactly what we had dreamed of, I'm sure you've seen photo's but here are some for you to look at.

Laura and Brett McCarthy

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Dewi Sri CottagesDear (,

We arrived back in Australia this morning and I had to e-mail and say Thank You Very Much for arranging our wedding in Bali. We had a wonderful stress free day and the service we received from was excellent. I will be recommending you company to any of our friends thinking of marrying in Bali. The wedding photos were fabulous and please feel free to use them on your website. The Wedding at Dewi Sri Cottages was the best we could have hoped and dreamed for.
Once again a very big THANK YOU!!

Dave and Bry Lucas

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Novotel Coralia BenoaHi (,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thankyou very much for helping Nigel and I have the most perfect wedding.
It was just beautiful and the photos are fantastic, we had the best day so Thankyou again.


Bali Weddings - Wedding at The BaleHi (,

All our best.
Brandee & Eric Borneman

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Villa LumbungHi (,

Just a quick email to thank you so much for your work organising our wedding - it was all just so perfect! You did a wonderful job.
The photographs are fabulous and we would love for you to use them on your website.
Anyway, once again a huge thankyou to you for all your help - we will recommend you to anyone else who is looking to get married in Bali!

Kirstin & Mark Rintoul

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Grand MirageHi (,

Just wanted to let you know that we returned safe & sound and we are still celebrating here. Many thanks again for all your help and we are looking forward to seeing our photo on the website.

Thanks again.

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Inna Grand Bali BeachDear (,

This is just a note to say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for helping us arrange our wedding. We could not have done this without your help. You guys were fantastic. We loved dealing with (, she was very friendly and funny!!!!
Our day was so special and the effort put into it was great.We will definatley be recommending you to anybody who wants to get married in Bali. It was the best day of my life!!!!!.
Thank you for making my dream wedding come true....

Best Wishes
Averil & David McCarthy

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Santika Beach BaliHi There (,

Sorry I never got back to you while we were in Bali. The photos were excellent, we were very happy with them. And I'd just like to say Thank you very much for organizing it all for us. We had an awesome day, everything went smoothly and we have you to thank for that.

Once again, thank you.

Patrice and Mike Belcher

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Sheraton Senggigi LombokDear (,

Shane and I have just arrived back home and I could wait to send you a quick thank you note.
Your assistance in our wedding was just fantastic. We are leaving for Mauritius in the next few days and will be away for another two weeks. As soon as I get home I will write a proper letter of thanks that you can post on your web site.
We also have some friends that are looking to get married in Bali and they will be contacting you shortly.
Again thank you for all your assistance. I will speak to you as soon as we get back from the second honeymoon!

Carolyn & Shane Earnshaw

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Grand Mirage BaliHi (!

My comments about our experience are all good. We were impressed with the organization of the wedding. Also, our email correspondence previous to the wedding was prompt and thorough. Everything we discussed in the email was confirmed. Also, we were happy with the work from the Grand Mirage hotel who organized the beautiful decorations and they made many efforts to have the wedding outside.
It was a very positive experience overall : )


Bali Weddings - Wedding at Radisson BaliDear (,
Hello, hope you are well. We have arrived home after our round the world honeymoon.
We are a bit jet lagged but have had a wonderful holiday. Thankyou for all your hard work in preparing our wedding. We all had a great day and really enjoyed every moment of it. We were very impressed with all the arrangements for the wedding.
The priest was a lovely man and the decoration, musicians and Balinese dressed women were lovely touches to make our wedding day extra special. The photographs have turned out very well, we have made lots of copies for our family to see. We would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinning of getting married abroad. Keep up the hard work!

Thank you once again (
Leigh and James

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Bali Dynasty Hotel(,

Thank you very much with all your help organizing our wedding, the day went off great and everybody enjoyed themselves. The photos were fantastic and you may use the photos on your website if you still wish to.

Thank you
Christopher and Sonia Anzic

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Nusa Dua Beach Bali(,

Thank you very much for your help in organizing our wedding at Nusa Dua - everything went perfectly and we're both very appreciative of all your help.

Thanks Again! All the best!
Simon and Melissa

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Inna Grand Bali BeachHi (,

Just to let you know that we arrived home safe and well. Thank you for all the work that you did in arranging Leighton & Sallys wedding. We all had an amazing time in Bali and are very sorry that such a tragedy happened to your beautiful island. Please try to keep in touch as we will be back again to your very friendly island.
All the very best for your future thanks.

All The Very Best,
Mike Evans

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Santika Beach Bali(,

HI Vickie Ball here I was married at Santika Beach on the 13th of November. I am writing to thank you so much for organizing mine and Michaels wedding it was fantastic, We both felt so special and couldn't think of a better place than Bali to get married.
Thank you also for helping me when Michael had his fall by coming to the hospital with me. I really do appreciate it so much.
I wish you every success in your business and will certainly recommend to anyone I know who will be getting married in the future.

Thank you again.
Vickie and Michael Ball!

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Gazebo Hotel BaliTo (Bali Weddings),

We are writing to you on completion of our 3-week stay in Sanur, Bali during which we became married.
The arrangements made by Bali were superb from the Balinese procession to the decorations, photos and finally the priest and government representatives. All arrangements were made in a professional manner and ultimately provided a very happy day for ourselves and our guests.
We wish to thank Bali for their promptness, courteous service and complete professionalism in arranging our wedding from a distance (Melbourne - Denpasar).
Our stay in Bali was magnificent. Due to the terrorist activities recently in Bali some of our guests had apprehensions about attending but were thoroughly happy and pleased after their stay in Bali. The arrangements and friendly service of Bali Weddings only reflects the courteous and happy people of Bali.
We wish the Balinese people every happiness in recovering from the bomb blasts and Bali Weddings every success in their endeavours.

Keith and Sherry Hatfield

(, a personal thank you for your service and attention to details for us before and on the day. The wedding album is magnificent - as was everything on the day - a personal THANK YOU from John and Sherry! Hope one day to see you again. JOHN

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Waka di Ume BaliHi (,

Thanks again for all that you did to make our day so special.
It was perfect!

Amy & Rod

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Intan Legian BaliHello (,

We had the most spectacular day. We found to be very helpful and everything went very smooth. Most people when they get married are under a huge amount of stress, however on my special day I felt completely relaxed you were all very helpful. I would also like to thank the photographer who did a splendid job with our photo's which we cherish.
I would also like to mention the skylight dinner cruise, this was also fantastic the food was excellent quality and the staff very friendly.
Finally I would like to thank you personally as you provided a 1st class service to myself, Chris and our guests on the wedding day and also your prompt return of emails for the planing of the special day before we left for Bali.
A very big Thank you.
I have recommend a few people to your website and hopefully you should get a few bookings for next year, I know that one of my friends is using you in April and having the dinner cruise as well.

Best wishes
Nina & Chris Thorne

Bali Weddings - Wedding at Villa Kendil Bali(

Thanks for a fantastic wedding!!!!

Paul & Christina Houston

Hi (

Well, we are back in Perth after a fantastic and most memorable holiday in Bali.
Once again, many thanks for your help in organizing our lovely wedding, particularly at such short notice. We had a fantastic day and night - we went for dinner to Ku De Ta which was really lovely and I would recommend it if you have anyone asking for suggestions for a really nice dinner and setting.
Thanks again

Best regards,
Sonia, Callum & Abbey Kerr

Dear (,

I would just like to thank you for organising a fabulous day for Andy and I. It was wonderful.
Thank you once again for all your help,

Best wishes,
Gillian and Andy