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Bali Weddings - Commitment Ceremony

Planning your Bali wedding, renewal of vows or commitment to one another is easy with First choose the type of ceremony that you would like by clicking on the ceremony heading. This will take you to a page detailing the services and amenities provided for a basic ceremony. This is the most economical way to go for those who already have or know their wedding venue.

For those who have not yet decided on a venue, we have put together many special 'all-inclusive' packages at Bali's most popular hotels and villas to make your wedding day hassle free and an affair to cherish and remember. We have listed these special packages under 'Wedding Packages' to give you a few ideas to get started. That being said, you may 'mix and match' opting to include some services and exclude others as you wish.

As well there are many other special venues available (please click on 'Unique Weddings'). If you don't see what you are looking for just drop us a line at and let one of our wedding specialists custom design a wedding just for you.

Commitment Ceremonies
This type of wedding service is suitable for those who do not wish a full legal wedding ceremony but wish to express their love and mutual commitment to one another. At the end of the ceremony the couple will receive Certificate of Commitment issued by Be advised that this ceremony is not legally recognized and can not be registered. Commitment ceremonies start at Rp 5,000,000.- (excluding venue charges).
Legal Weddings
To be legally married in Indonesia it is required under Indonesian law that a religious wedding ceremony should precede a civil wedding ceremony. Couples who have not yet had a religious wedding in their own country and wish to be legally married on Bali would need this type of wedding. An ordained and English-speaking minister, from the coupleís faith, will perform the wedding ceremony with the exchange of vows and the placing of wedding rings on each otherís hand and the pronouncement of the marriage. Couples can add their own words or poetry to the liturgy if they wish.

A civil registrar will then continue the ceremony by the reading out of the wedding vows together with the rights and responsibilities of the husband and wife based on the applicable laws of Indonesia and thereby legalizing your marriage. You will receive two certificates at the end of the wedding ceremony; one certificate issued by the minister and another from the government, issued by the Civil Registrar. Legal Wedding ceremonies start at Rp 6,000,000.- (excluding venue charges).
Renewal of Vows
This is not a formal wedding, rather it is a renewal of vows that serves as a reflection of coupleís past love and contentment and blessing for the continued happiness on their journey of married life. The process is not much different from that of religious wedding but you will only receive the Certificate of Renewal Vows, issued by at the end of the ceremony. Couples can, should they wish, work with the celebrant on the wording of the liturgy for the renewal of vows ceremony. Renewal of Vows ceremonies start at Rp 5,000,000.- (excluding venue charges).